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1.) How has evolution shaped motivation? How might we apply our understanding of evolution to the problem of addiction? (one source) 2.) You should be reading about rods and cones in this week’s chapters. Please tell me: Is the East Bunny Color Blind? (support your answer with a well thought out argument using what you’ve learned about rods and cones in the text. Obviously, there is no right or wrong answer; your level of intellectual argument and support for your ‘opinion’ is what is being reviewed here) This is intended to be a “there is no right answer” fun sort of assignment. Please focus on the functions of the eye and any myths or stories you know of the Easter Bunny. Again, it is intended to encourage you to think outside the TEXT and hopefully have fun with what you are learning. I know some of you do not have your texts yet. You may want to read the lecture notes or do a SMALL bit of research online on the Rods and Cones of the eye and how they work. (one source)


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